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Our People

Passionate about transport

Meet the people who are delivering for you. Secon employs 150 people across our cartage, warehousing, distribution and administration teams, working to make sure you always have your goods where you want them, when you want them.

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Meet our Executive Team

Chief Executive Officer

Daniel started his professional career as an Occupational Therapist in Melbourne and the United Kingdom, before joining Secon in 2013. He has broad experience across the business. He started in a Business Development role, soon becoming Warehouse Operations Manager with visibility across all aspects of the business, and then more recently Chief Operating Officer. Under the mentorship of our previous CEO, Daniel empowered the Executive Team to deliver both operational and strategic outcomes for Secon by leveraging technology and data, whilst maintaining our core values, best described as ‘doing things the right way’. Daniel’s prior experience as an Occupational Therapist continues to highlight the need to maintain a safety mindset in everything we do. Daniel was appointed our CEO in 2022, steering Secon into its next chapter, serving our people, our trusted suppliers and our valued customers.

Financial Controller

Michelle joined Secon in 2017, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and skill as a Certified Accountant in the Manufacturing and Logistics industries. Michelle’s financial acumen has helped Secon execute its strategic growth plan over the last five years, enabling the Executive Team to deliver on operational strategic initiatives.

Compliance and Projects

With over 30 years’ experience in Container and Warehouse Logistics, Gavan’s wisdom and attention to detail is an important ingredient in the team’s energy and enthusiasm to deliver. Gavan has mentored many of our current Executives, providing a pathway for career development that drives passion, a safety mindset and enjoyment in everything we do.

Warehouse Logistics Manager

Simon joined Secon in 2009 as a Warehouse Supervisor. Simon’s commitment to personal development and a safety first culture has accelerated Secon into a first class 3PL Warehouse provider. Simon’s passion for systems that enhance our customer experience has ensured Secon is a leader in innovation throughout the warehousing industry.

Business Development Manager

Josh joined Secon in 2018 and has over 10 years experience in in Warehousing and Logistics. Josh has excelled in all areas of the Secon business by demonstrating an eagerness to learn and a keen business acumen. Josh has stepped into the sales side of the business and has a passion for working with our customers to develop longstanding relationships and tailor solutions that are uniquely possible as a result of Secon’s culture, operational capabilities and willingness to adapt to our customers’ needs.

Customer Service Manager

Leah Joined Secon in 2011. She has dedicated her time at Secon to providing our customers with a superior experience; delivering on the tailored solutions that are designed for them. Leah leads a team of passionate Customer Service Representatives that are engaged and empowered to serve.

Safety and Quality Manager

John has over 30 years’ experience in Warehouse Logistics and Manufacturing, specialising in chemical storage and handling. John’s attention to detail is meticulous. He shares his vast experience and wisdom across the business with a focus on continuous improvement, compliance and safety.

Port Logistics Manager

Stephen brings a wealth of Wharf Transport knowledge to the Executive, and is able to consistently highlight key areas to further improve and reduce risk. In a fluid environment, Steve’s pragmatic mindset and ability to problem solve has enabled Secon to significantly grow its containerised division while continuing to deliver market leading client outcomes within a safety first culture.

Human Resources Manager

‘Our People are our Strength’. Marlene embodies this statement. She joined Secon in 2018 and has over 20 years’ experience in recruitment, sales and management, working across a diverse range of industries, including Transport and Logistics. Marlene’s experience, empathy and ability to connect with our people has deeply strengthened Secon’s team, growing Secon into a destination transport company where people want to work.

Board of Directors

A lifetime in freight

Chairman of the Secon Group

John has had significant experience on boards and committees in corporate and not-for-profit organisations, including several roles as chairman and deputy chairman. John has assisted these organisations to strengthen governance processes, facilitate strategic planning and provide financial and risk management oversight.

Managing Director

Brendon has over 39 years’ experience in the transport industry, and is a member of the Victorian Transport Association’s Goods General Committee. His extensive knowledge allowed Secon to grow the breadth of its transport services into its current divisions. He has played an important role in Secon and its management team becoming a premier wharf carrier, bulk services and warehouse business. His successes include his role in mentoring the next generation of leaders at Secon.

Director of Fleet Management

Since joining the family business in 1977, Vin has overseen the maintenance, presentation and upgrading of the Secon fleet. He was an integral part of Secon becoming the first wharf carrier in Australia to use sidelifters, and he has played an important role in ensuring Secon leads the way in remaining compliant under tighter new NHVR and COR legislation.


Paul has been involved at Secon since 1984 and, with his younger brother Matthew, built Secon’s warehouse business from the ground up. His extensive industry knowledge, forward thinking and dedication made him a leader in warehouse management Australia-wide. Paul has played an important role in establishing Secon’s current management teams’ continued focus on maintaining strong relationships with Australia’s customs and quarantine regulators.


Matthew joined Secon in 1987. He has over 30 years’ hands-on experience within Secon. From Warehousing to Sales and was instrumental in building the Bulk Services operations. Matt’s fantastic all-round knowledge of the Secon business and its history has been an important asset for the current management team. Matt is passionate about Secon’s management team continuing to look for new, innovative ways to handle bulk commodities while maintaining Secon’s zero contamination standards for all their clients.


Maurie started Secon in 1969 and has built a successful business on a foundation of hard work, quality service and loyalty to his staff and customers. He has passed on these values not only to his sons, but to each member of the Secon Freight Logistics staff. Maurie’s no longer actively involved with the operational side or non-executive guidance of Secon, but his advice is valued on all strategic and corporate matters.


Terry joined Secon in 1981. He quickly rose to become CEO, and led the way for Secon to become the growing enterprise it is today. Terry believed the major catalyst for Secon’s expansion was his team’s ability to build strong working relationships with clients, by understanding not only their business needs but also what was required to provide an efficient, reliable transport service.
Terry served on the Executive Committee of the Victorian Transport Association (VTA), placing him at the forefront of industry issues. In November 2013, he was a deserving recipient of the WFD Chalmers Award, bestowed on representatives of the transport industry who give back generously and unreservedly to the industry. Terry passed away suddenly in 2014. He is very missed by all.

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Secon Freight Logistics offers various services ranging from transport and warehousing to Bulk Services. If you want to work in a collaborative environment where opportunities are offered, skills are stretched and excellence is rewarded, you might be exactly what we’re looking for. We are always looking for exceptional staff to join our team because “Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”