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FAK Warehousing

Centrally located near wharves and empty yards, our FAK depot in Brooklyn services a variety of clients. Whether you are a large import/export agency or a smaller, boutique-style freight-forwarder, we can put together a package to meet your own special needs or to handle your specialised freight.

Cars, wine, steel, personal effects, dangerous-goods, over-sized items - we can handle them all.

We understand that in the business of FAK Service, quality and reliability are paramount:

  • Service means getting your container on its first day of availability, unpacking it promptly and getting it advertised for your clients.
  • Quality means out-turning cargo in good condition with the correct package count and photographs if required.
  • Reliability means providing the same speed and standard of service each and every working day of the year.

Our depot is open Monday to Friday for the collection and drop off of freight. However work at the depot does not stop there, to improve freight turnaround times we process containers 24 hours per day.

We also offer:
  • Free storage days for your clients to collect their imported freight
  • Representation at AQIS inspections import and export
  • Fumigation, steam cleaning, deep burial and gamma radiation
  • Delivery of LCL cargo throughout the Melbourne metro area
FAK Warehousing

To find out more about our FAK Warehousing, visit our Customs 77G section


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